Museum Ovartaci

Aarhus, Denmark
5 reviews
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  • Skovagervej 2, 8240 Risskov, Denmark
  • Opening hours
    Sunday12:00 - 16:00Monday10:00 - 16:00Tuesday10:00 - 16:00Wednesday10:00 - 16:00Thursday10:00 - 16:00Friday10:00 - 16:00Saturday12:00 - 16:00
  • 78 47 04 00
Latest Reviews
  • 5John Alex Hvidlykke

    Museum Ovartaci er i en overgangsfase. Museet skal flytte, og det markeres med en udstilling, hvor kunstnere ude fra har budt ind med værker. Billederne her er fra installationen "Opmærksomhedsrummet" hvor man kan opleve, hvordan det er at have en stærkt skærpet, men sårbar opmærksomhed.

  • 5Proxie Ergo

    loved it

  • 5Danny Kreutzfeldt

    Unique museum experience combining art and psychiatry.

  • 2Marcin Lachowski

    Bottom floor has an art collection (quite ok!) and the top floor is a bit chaotic collection of rooms with furniture and items from the hospital's past: a library, printing room, dining room. Do not expect to witness a real historical hospital ward.

  • 4Janet Watson

    I thought this was a very insightful museum with exhibitions of patient artwork and historical items relating to psychiatry. However as an international visitor I could only view at items and artwork with a little understanding as it was only in Danish. As a person involved and interested in mental health issues this disappointed me.

    Galerie de Medicis