Store Torv

Aarhus, Denmark
10 reviews
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  • Store Torv, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Latest Reviews
  • 1Flemming Munch

    Very boring. No big trees only a big ugly sculpture in Steel. Very windy

  • 4Alexander Overdal Kjærsgaard Marin

    Lots of nice stores. Historie buildings and the city carhedral.

  • 4Ejnar Brendsdal

    Usually host to great cultural events like food markets of concerts. The time gap between these events are often long but in the meantime there are plenty of good shops.

  • 4Mikkel Noe-Nygaard Rasmussen

    The plaza has some nice benches when it's sunny! Good place for people watching!

  • 4Jon Meisner-Jensen

    Here you can enjoy a great view of the city Square and see Dom kirken.

  • Joe Cooper

    Great little area do do some damage to your wallet.

  • Finn Jørgen

    Vanddragen (Water dragon) is 18m long and 3.8m tall.

  • Terry Mun

    Shopping, eating and drinking within a stone's throw. Try Mackie's Pizza - it's really close, and superbly awesome.

  • Louise H

    Til dagligt bart og lettere anonymt trods den flotte udsigt til Domkirken.

  • Louise H

    Nu også med kæmpefod af træ :-)

    Galerie de Medicis