Barton Marina

Birmingham, United Kingdom
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  • Andrew McCurdy

    Don't forget the beautiful walk around the lake on the way out on the right.

  • Andrew McCurdy

    The only Cash Machine is in the Waterfront Pub. It does charge £1.99 mind you.

  • Laura Hancox

    Nice, relaxing place for a walk in good weather!!

  • Mark Northall

    Boatsville Central

  • Sally Gibson

    fab place for a wander - love watching the boats while eating ice cream - yum

  • Chris Davis

    Pottery painting for the kids, and wonderful ice cream from the butcher, the baker, and the ice cream maker.

  • Joe Pendlebury

    Check out the amazing artwork of Fabian Perez, upstairs in Gallery Three.

  • Darkwarri0r Darkwarri0r

    Great place for boats

  • Stewart Robinson

    Free wifi in the waterfront

    Galerie de Medicis