El Ateneo Grand Splendid

Buenos aires, Argentina
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  • 5Camila Gonzalez

    Described by the Guardian as the second most beautiful library in the world this former theater turned into a book shop is completely worth a visit. The place is truly astonishing and you can take a seat and read a book for as long as you want for free. I would recommend not to miss it when visiting Buenos Aires.

  • 4Jônatas Aimbiré

    If you're only going to take a picture and leave, don't come. This branch of the Ateneo is what everyone says, a beautiful place, but like most places that you'll appreciate for the beauty of it, don't get out of your way to come, if you're just trying to snap a quick picture, it's a good place to go, look at some books, and enjoy the atmosphere. The con is, at the center where it used to be the theater's stage, there's a coffee shop, which would be lovely to enjoy the place a little bit more while getting something to drink, but it's one of the worst coffees I've had in my entire life. Saw many reviewers complaining it was bad, and I was a non believer and had to try it myself. Don't be like me, trust the reviewers on this one.

  • 5Juan Hernandez

    Definitely, one of the most beautiful bookstores (if not the most) in the world. An old burlesque theater turned bookstore, the Grand Splendid is the flagship store of El Ateneo chain, which aside from distribution also has a huge publishing stake in Argentina and South America. Four levels, including the basement, showcase a formidable variety of Spanish language text from fiction to non-fiction to art to science to history to esoterica, you name it, they would surely have it. They also cater to English, Portuguese and French readers, but with a significantly less varied inventory. You just have to stroll along the old aisles and balconies, where the audience used to seat for the show, and search for the book you are interested in. While there you can also have a cup of coffee with an "alfajor," or maybe a some wine, at the coffee shop, which happens to be right in the middle of the old stage.

  • 4Ham Solo

    Huge by South American standards I guess. But much more nice located in an old theatre. Didn't see any English books. Two floors with a cafe in the back. Security will want to check your bag at the front. Prices seemed reasonable. Some English speaking staff. Street parking only.

  • 4Francis-Olivier Gravel

    The place looks very cool and I would recommend to get it to have a look if you pass by. However if this is a long detour I would not recommend it unless you are a library liver of course! The setup is amazing and they have done a tremendous job converting this old theatre into library to a point where you wonder why others have not done the same already.

  • 4김가비

    A unique library built out of a former theater. Good enough for paying a visit to take pics and have coffee. Not a must.

  • 4Aaron Mitchell

    Super cool place to visit (I imagine half the people there aren't there to buy books however - myself included). Most people will find themselves going to the top and taking selfies from the top and they are pretty cool to be honest. Beautiful building and you can even buy an unbelievably overpriced coffee or drink from the cafe or if you're feeling really lucky, you could remortgage your house and buy a glass off champagne.

  • 5Sarah Scholey

    This place is awesome!! An old theatre-turned-bookshop, there are balconies adorned with carvings and murals on the ceiling. You can enjoy a coffee on stage at the back of the shop but it was full so we couldn't grab a table. Lovely place to browse and sit down with a good book.

  • 4Robert Hendrick

    Amazing space, with a fantastic range of books! Also great vinyl records from modern and classic artists, and a cafe. I was only a little disappointed in the very small English-language section that was about 60% trashy romance novels; it would have been nice to pickup a biography or history or business book.

  • 5Lucas Fernandez

    A must see place. Great book and music store. Old opera theatre turned into a special huge library coffee shop.

  • 5Juan Franco

    This was a must stop for us during our trip. The building and theatre itself is beautiful. And nestled together with the Book store makes for a wonderful place to visit. It also has a small coffee shop on what was the stage of the theatre and some at exhibition on the upper floor. We did like the kids section at the back abs ended up buying some books.

  • 5Ximena de Tezanos Pinto

    It is a great place where to get in touch with books that are waiting for us on handy bookshelves. The smell of the paper, the softness of some covers invite us to the experience of diving into the universe of words and connect ourselves with the authors as if they were there, for us. The high ceilings with beautiful paintings resembling a cathedral is the perfect habitat for this amazing experience. You don't just buy a book.

  • 5David Raub

    It doesn't get any better than this. Excellent collection of books, CDs, etc. in Spanish, plus a decent English collection. The cafe is very fine - a nice way to wile away the afternoon or evening. A brilliant recycling of an old theater.

  • 4Eve Andersson

    Former theatre, with extraordinary architecture; go there just to enjoy the building, even if you're not looking for books. Great selection of books, though they're a bit expensive. Great children's section. Nice little cafe in the back on what was once the stage of the theatre.

  • 4Jemma Irvine

    Beautiful old theatre that is now a bookshop with a cafe. You can sit and read the books while drinking a coffee as you decide whether you want to buy them.

  • 5Nicolas Leoni

    Amazing bookstore and coffee shop in Buenos Aires. Must visit this place! The most beautiful bookstore I've ever seen.

  • 4Julio Kun

    Excellent! It's a must to go if you are in Buenos Aires. It's not only a bookstore but you can actually stay there to read. Although there weren't any books of my favourites writers

  • 5Javier Matusevich

    Incredible classic Buenos Aires theatre turned gigantic bookstore and cafe. As far as I know you can just grab a book and take it to the cafe and enjoy them together.

  • 5Christopher Currie

    Out of this world bookstore. However if you only know English the only books they sell are the cheap airport style romance novels.

  • 3Bruno Strizic

    Cool place to take some photos. If you don't speak spanish you will have a bad time as there are no books in English. Expected much more from one of the so called most beautiful bookshops in the world..

  • 5Sime Pfeuffer

    Great bookstore in an old theatre. Take a coffee on the old stage, grab a book and sit in the balcony to read it. They also have English books. It is an experience going there.

  • 5Nick Grivas

    Awesome bookstore concept. Its a beautiful building a there are a few sneak away places to read without being bothered. People will be coming in and out, however, to take a look and go to the cafe so expect a good bit of throughput.

  • 5Adrián Allende

    A magic place, full of books. Use to be a nice decorated old theater. Local people get in there to read books for hours. A cafe is there too, so it works really like a library.

  • 5Leila Kergaravat

    It is a magical place which used to be a wonderful theater. Here, you can find an infinite number of beautiful books of any gender and format. The best part is that you can spend the day reading as many books as you want and even take them to the cafeteria while you enjoy some nice coffee.

  • Juan Esteban

    If you love books, then this is your place

  • Zelena Molina Torrico

    Hermoso lugar acompañado de un café ❤❤

  • Vera Lúcia Elias

    O lugar é lindo, muito atrativo e com variedade de títulos. A beleza vale ser vista!

  • 5Johanna Salas

    Amazing. A place to go and get lost in books. They have all kinds, genders and formats of books. Definitely one of the "must place to go" in Buenos Aires.

  • Galo Ortega

    Para los amantes de la lectura, es el lugar ideal

  • Andreza Velez

    Livraria linda na Recoleta, cheia de história e um café com doces muito bons!

  • Vanessa Berner

    Bonita arquitetura.

  • 4Lilian Tse

    Fantastic building with plenty of books... no English ones though. Perfect for any bookworm.

  • 2Adrian Clegg

    It's alright. No doubt building is really cool but I don't feel that alone justifies a 5 star review. As an actual bookstore this place isn't all that amazing. Overpriced.

  • 5Tiago Siqueira

    A book store that was once a theater. It is fun to go inside and try to imagine how it was back then. Great coffee as well.

  • Debora Rosalem

    Fica em um antigo teatro mantido com poucas alterações. São pelo menos 4 andares com livros, música e jogos, além de um café. A seção de LPs é maior q em qqr loja q conheci no Brasil. Linda!

  • Fabiano Trindade (SU2)

    O antigo teatro é a grande atração e dá charme à livraria, é um lugar imperdível em Buenos Aires. Tome um café na área do antigo palco e passe em todos os andares. Há sempre algo pra levar pra casa.

  • Samia M.

    Antigo teatro que virou livraria. Lindo lindo! Tem uma cafeteria no "palco".

  • Vânia De Oliveira

    Troque a visita ao cemitério da Recoleta por esse lugar. é lindo. Os preços não são baratos, mas vale a visita. Linda decoração, ambiente, parece cenário de filme de época.

  • Wilson Chan

    Biblioteca lindíssima

  • Alexey Vyalov

    Книжный магазин на месте и внутренними декорациями театра

  • Ly Thuy Tien

    Mr Bean - In Wild Nature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUwWlJRaWRs

  • 5Victoria A.

    Parada obligada para cualquier turista en Buenos Aires y también para nosotros los portenos. El Grand Splendid era un teatro que se transformo en una gran...

  • 4Cintia Tavella

    Beautiful bookstore in an old theatre. Totally worth a visit. Also sit down at the coffee shop for a short read and a quiet coffee...

  • Ricardo Spader

    Sensacional. Vale a visita. Livros são um pouco mais caros que no Brasil.

  • Hyomin Lee

    말 그대로 splendid!

  • Samille Sousa

    livraria linda!

  • Rodrigo Roriz

    Lugar lindo e cheio de cultura... pena que tudo custa um rim...

  • Beatriz Harumi Uezu

    Que livraria *-*

  • Nina Leisnock

    Vale muito a pena a visita. Encantador !

  • Iris Mezela

    A must. Impressive

  • George Rodrigues

    The coffee shop is right in the middle of the stage... Nice touch. Great selection of books.

  • José Tuesta Sotil

    Cometí el error de visitarlo temprano, ese día no hice otra cosa que pasar todo el día allí, es hermoso y la gente es muy amable

  • Edgar Iaffa

    Un lugar incomparable en el mundo!!

  • Henry Harman

    Most beautiful bookstore in the world.

  • Paula Vilela

    Gran, gran cantidad de títulos !!!. Hermoso local, para estar horas ahí adentro.

  • Javitud

    Se pasan de amables.

  • Leticia Freiría

    Puedes mirar y leer lo que quieras por el tiempo que quieras con total tranquilidad

  • Emanuel Rauchle

    Not just a bookstore, a theatrical experience in a magical place. Great atmosphere for reading and spend some quality quiet time.

  • Carlos da Silveira

    Borges pensó este lugar!

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