Experience Lima: An Evening at the Larco Museum with Dinner

Lima district, Peru
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3 hours
Tour departs from most hotels in the Miraflores, San Isidro and Central Lima areas.Please Note: This service doesn't include pick up in private residencies, example; Airbnb
7:30 PM
Your night out in Lima starts as you are picked up at your hotel in an air-conditioned minivan and whisked off to the Larco Museum for your tour with your knowledgeable guide.Enter the museum, housed in an 18th-century mansion built on top of a 7th-century pyramid, and discover the treasures of ancient Peru as you walk through the museum’s galleries. The amazing array of pre-Columbian artifacts is sure to impress -- see the renowned collection of more than 50,000 pots, and admire the large displays of ceramics from the Cupisnique, Chimú, Chancay, Nazca and Inca cultures. Marvel at the intricate jewelry and masks, and see the Larco’s renowned Moche portrait vessels – ceramic vessels in the shape of human faces, which are unique to the Moche people who lived from 100 to 800 AD.After your tour, sit down to an exquisite dinner of Peruvian specialties, which you’ll enjoy in the museum’s restaurant. From this prime spot, enjoy the cozy atmosphere and enjoy views of the Larco’s beautiful gardens. Taste some of Peru's traditional dishes, including Lomo Saltado (tenderloin strips), Causa Limeña (mashed potoato dish) and more! When dinner is over, you’ll be driven back to your hotel.
Confirmation will be received at time of booking. Please note: The Larco Museum’s collection includes a gallery of erotic art and figures; this gallery is separated from the main building, but please be aware that it may be unsuitable for young travelers due to the sexual content
Latest Reviews
  • 5Kimberly S

    Amazing tour. Guide was knowledgeable on museum and dinner was fantastic in an amazing setting. Do not miss this museum .

  • 1sandykrafty

    Our guide was absolutely fantastic. The problem came in that the tour was too short to get through everything. The museum was a blur but the highlights were tantalizing. The big problem came with the dinner. We were only allotted 40 minutes for three courses. Food was so-so and we did not even have our coffee. Recommend a separate tour of the museum and forego the meal. Very disappointed.

  • 5steven D

    The guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Andean Art. I learned a lot. And the food was good.

  • 5John K

    The tour was one of the highlights of an excellent few days in Lima. We came to Peru thinking history was all about the Incas. We soon learned otherwise and having a private tour of the Larco was a perfect walk through history. Our guide was great. She was knowledgable, friendly, and brought the history to life. Eating at the museum -- in a beautiful setting -- was a nice way to end the evening. We weren't sure we were going to find time for the tour given all we hoped to see in Lima but as soon as it began, we were thrilled we had made it part of our visit.

  • 5William C

    This museum in Lima is a great preparation for the Peruvian monuments because the guide explains a lot about the artifacts and life during the Inka period. Use a guide because that's how the artifacts come to life! The museum was also the home of its founder and the grounds where dinner is served are magical. I had a great night.

  • 4gillian w

    The museum is fantastic the guide was lovely and the meal very tasty. Due to traffic though my visit was very rushed I had about 45 minutes in the museum and the same for dinner. The museum has English commentary everywhere so I'd advise to go it alone without a tour guide ad you could spend a good couple of hours there. On the way back to the hotel I'd a lovely driver though at one stage I misunderstood what he was saying and thought I was being let out to get a taxi the rest of the way. Luckily I had misunderstood and he dropped me back to the hotel. Was overall a good experience but I spent as much time if not more in the van than at the museum. Not the companies fault of course

  • 5amanda

    My daughter's birthday was while we were in Lima, and she wanted to visit this museum. The whole experience was great. We were picked up at out hotel, taken to the museum, had a private tour of the exhibits, and dinner at the restaurant. The museum is pretty extensive for a private museum, and the displays are very well done. The restaurant was very nice, a beautiful outdoor setting with excellent food and pisco sours. If you only have time to see one museum, book this experience. You will not regret it.

  • 5Ben H

    This was probably our favorite part of Lima. The erotic exhibit of the museum was fascinating and very surprising. The dinner at the museum was fantastic, and the pisco sour with the meal was top notch. We highly recommend this dinner/tour combo!

  • 5Jonathan P

    Very tasty food and the best museum in peru!

  • 5Monica L

    Amazing museum with a lot of insight on the history of Peru and its civilizations. The dinner was absolutely incredible! Definitely a 5 star dining experience. The food is very delicious, the dining room is very chic and welcoming. The museum grounds are beautiful with greenery and flowers, it's a beautiful evening out!

  • 5Rog

    This was a great night. We were picked up on this tour and went immediately to the Larco Museum where there is a significant private collection on display. After a very insightful tour from our guide who was incredibly knowledgeable, we had dinner at the café in the museum. It has a great ambience, is quiet and the service/food was great. Overall the tour is terrific. You get some great cultural understanding of life before the Inca, learn the deep history of Lima and surroundings and see some amazing historical artefacts. The dinner was great and just what we needed with the service being prompt. I would suggest this as a must do in Lima as it gives you a deeper understanding of how rich the history is outside of the Inca in Peru.

  • 5Michealt

    This was a fantastic night and Susanna our guide was so knowledgeable and gave us so much information. She really knew her stuff and was able to explain everything so clearly. Highly recommend this tour, which was well organised from start to finish and the dinner in the beautiful gardens was very good.

  • 5Deborah J

    Excellent evening at the Larco, had museum to ourselves!

  • 5mommyliz

    This museum is beautiful! It's small but just perfect for quick overview of Peru's history and culture. It has plenty of artifacts, and since it's very private at night, and actually there were just the 4 of us in there, we were able to look up close and thoroughly enjoy the guide's explanations. The 3 course dinner was delicious, and the outdoor dining area was so beautiful. The bus that took us to and from our hotel was new and clean, there was a nice driver, and also a great tour guide that went in with us.

  • 5mwoo41

    Great guide, interesting museum and delicious dinner

  • 5DIANE S

    So glad we did this! Only wish we had done it at the beginning of our trip. The way the museum and our guide pulled the early history and cultures together really deepened our understanding. 45,000 artifacts. It was truly amazing. Just wish we had been able to spend more time there

  • 5Aubrey S

    Knowledgeable guide. Interesting museum. Good meal afterwards.

  • 4Sharron L

    Our guide was very knowledgeable and spoke English well. The objects were interesting. I was disappointed in the dinner. The atmosphere was lovely, but I had the chicken ravioli and it wasn't very good. If I had it to do over again, I'd go see the museum during the day, and skip the dinner.

  • 5Dr. Frederick C O

    The tour was a great introduction to Peruvian history and the meal was wonderful.!

  • 3Georgia S

    This is a great way to see the Larco if you are short on time double up dinner and a museum. We enjoyed the tour and dinner but are only giving it 3 stars for the following reasons: 1 the driver was late so everything was pushed back. Our tour was wonderful but is left about an hour for dinner. 2 Dinner felt rushed and by the 10 PM closing we were stuffing down our dessert with no time to peruse the wonderful gift shop.

  • 5Lou Peresa

    What an amazing tour. We had a wonderful English speaking Lady Guide who showed us around the Museum, which was such a privilege doing it After Hours ... wowee!!! Dinner was absolutely fantastic too in the Private Gardens. Special Evening.

  • 4Melissa H

    Our Gabriela was very knowledgeable and provided a really good tour. The Museum is beautiful and well worth visiting. There was major downside, when I called to book the tour was told we would be picked up about 6:30, as it turned out we were not picked up until 7:30 and after driving to the Museum and doing the tour it was after 9 pm before we were taken to the restaurant to eat, this really interfered with my enjoyment of the tour. Way too late to eat and would not have booked if I had been told the truth. This would be a great tour if it started much earlier so that you could eat by 7:30 8 at the latest.

  • 5John H

    Daniel passionately guided us through the museum with patience and insights. He was as comfortable and professional explaining the highlights of the treasures throughout the museum as he was guiding us through possible explanations of the sculptures in the erotica museum. The dinner at the end of the tour was good, but not spectacular.

  • 5mary b

    Beautiful museum with amazing art!! Dinner was delicious in a great setting. From pick up at the hotel, to my tour guide and back was top notch!!!! I recommend this highly.

  • 1Maria B

    Tour started far too late. We had to rush at the museum at the dinner as well. Overpriced.

  • 5Shannon G

    As in the previous reviews, this tour was spectacular! Our guide Daniel met us at the hotel, the drive was great and filled with great conversation and information. We were the only one's on the tour and it was wonderful hearing the history of the Peruvian people from Daniel. He really has a passion for this history! Our dinner aftewards was great and the service was wonderful! Our driver, Jorge, waited for us and drove us back to our hotel! Overall, it was a great experience and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Lima!

  • 5Hitomi S

    Larco is a must see and of all the Viator trips I took while in Peru the 1 experience. The museum is a great introduction into the history and archaeology of Peru and should be the first stop of anyone going to Peru. If nothing else, the restaurant was the best of any of the places I ate in Peru. Fabulous food and beautiful surrounds.

  • 5cyberkat72

    Our guide was right on time at our hotel to pick us up and was very knowledgeable. The museum is outstanding in both the amount and quality of the collection. We had a wonderful tour with our guide and a delicious dinner in the museum restaurant. Our driver was ready and waiting when we finished dinner and took us right back to the door of our hotel. A wonderful experience and I highly recommend it!

  • 5jerrieg209

    Really enjoyed this time we had at the Larco. Was my second trip there but learned different aspects of the culture.

  • 5betsyblechman

    This was a wonderful tour. The company picked us up at the hotel. Drove us to Larco. This museum is amazing. But what brought it to life was our tour guide. He was a wealth of information. He told us the history, and interesting facts about the pieces in the museum. Dinner at the Larco was DELICIOUS. This tour is rated a FIVE STAR in our opinon

  • 5travel

    This tour was so unique and exclusive. We were the only people in this amazing museum and had a private guide to show us the beautifully preserved pieces. The restaurant setting was in a discretely lit garden with great food wine and service. This was one of the best museum experiences we have ever had. Bought loads of gifts in the museum shop as well, excellent quality.


    Originally advised pickup as 1915-1925 and this actually became 1830, and we were not told of this change. I think thie change affected other clients at other hotels also. So there were some pickup delays. Whilst the tour was good, and the Museum a must see it was rushed toward the end to accomodate dinner. Gabriela's passion and knowledge of the museum is fantastic. The meals were ok, and two of us had sea bass and thought it very average. We had an hour for dinner which was probably just enough but we were late getting to the bus at 10 pm. The grounds of the museum are spectacular with bougainvillea and cactus in particular and it would have been great to see the grounds in daylight. But Gabriela and the Museum 'swung' the night.

  • 5Gigi T

    It was such a lovely night. We were picked up at our hotel and transported to the Larco Museum. To be able to visit the Museum in the evening when it's quiet was priceless. There were just our group 3 persons and two other familes touring the museum at the time. Our guide was just wonderful. She had extensive understanding of the history of history of Peru and Larco Museum and was able to share it without boring us. The Museum is just beautiful, the architecture, artifacts, atmosphere, everything. We had dinner in the courtyard after the tour and boy! it would make for some wedding venue! Food was excellent. All in all, the tour was worth every penny!

  • 4Victoria G

    This was a lovely evening. The tour was very good and the dinner on the grounds was nice. The dinner setting outside was lovely and the food was very good.

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