Lima Shanty Town Tour

Lima district, Peru
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3 hours 30 minutes
Returns to original departure point
Hotels in Miraflores, San Isidro or Barranco
9:00am or 2:00pm
Be picked up from your hotel in Miraflores, San Isidro or Barranco in morning or afternoon. Upon arrival at the destination, you'll be told about security and given some basic guidelines to follow while on this tour. Although shanty towns have a reputation, the guide will make you feel 100% safe at all times. While you slowly make your way to the base of the hill, your guide will explain about the community and its developments, as well as about the urbanization projects, politics, religion, etc. On this walking tour you will get the opportunity to see how many of the locals in Lima really live, and share a great time with them. Take a walk up the famous "yellow stairs" and along narrow roads and visiting a local kindergarten. The town's huge dimensions and breathtaking views are impressive for any visitor. Gradually, you'll slowly start your journey up the ‘yellow stairs’, pause for pictures of the amazing views of greater Lima, and get a glimpse into homes and local life. Stopping along the way to visit the colorful neighborhood and families, and see first-hand the smiling children of Lima. Meet a local craftsman who produces beautiful hand-made silverware, and perhaps make a purchase or two. On your way down, you'll visit a local kindergarten, and have the chance to meet the children on the street. Please note: the tour provider is sensitive to the issues and concerns surrounding shanty towns and understands that this tour may not be suitable for everyone. The purpose of this tour is for educational purposes alone and allows for a better understanding of Peruvian life inside a shanty town. Furthermore, a percentage of the proceeds from this tour will go to the community.
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Latest Reviews
  • 5Joyce M

    This was a wonderful morning visiting the people living in the shanty town area. While the living conditions are quite a bit different from ours, the people have big hearts and are very hardworking. We met one of their local leaders and saw how she influenced the government to improve the neighborhood by getting a retaining wall built. We enjoyed interacting with the children and distributing some toothbrushes we had brought. The children were delighted. Our tour guide Jimmy was fabulous. It was obvious that this was not just a job for him but truly a labor of love. He knew many of the residents well. We were very impressed with the preschool buildings and soup kitchen. The people of Peru are its greatest asset.

  • 5Sarah B

    This was a great tour - Jean Paul was a fabulous guide - very knowledgeable and helpful. We met some wonderful people. It was everything I hoped it would be and more.

  • 5Ruth M

    I had a full-day stopover in Lima and didn't want to just go sightseeing so booked this tour and so glad I did! Unfortunately I've forgotten the guide's name female but she was great and answered all of our questions providing really interesting insights into life for the people we were visiting. It also didn't feel wrong, as I was worried this type of tour might - there were only 2 of us and we were first shown around the market where we met some interesting characters and introduced to interesting produce. Then the guide showed us around the different initiatives around the community. Never felt unsafe and would highly recommend if you're looking to get off the beaten track

  • 5Cami P

    We learned so much, we were inspired. The rapport our tour guide Jean Paul had with the citizens of the shantytown was great. It was also good to know that some of the proceeds will go to help the town. We felt perfectly welcomed and safe. The view is amazing from the mountain. The people were beaut

  • 5Jennifer N

    It was a great experience. We were already very familiar with the poverty in areas of Peru and had done some humanitarian work in Iquitos. Our guide did a great job. His English was superb and he was very detailed in his knowledge. His interactions with the people there was full of love and compassion. Highly recommended!

  • 5Tah

    Such a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful experience. Take this tour. My husband and I were the only people on the tour along with out guide, and we felt completely safe and secure. Our driver stayed with the vehicle once we entered the shanty town, and our guide walked us along, explaining the history of the particular shanty town while including well-managed stops with vendors/business women along the way. We also saw a school and health center that was currently under construction. Additionally, this tour will add so much depth to your Lima experience.

  • 5Hillary G

    I traveled alone for a 7-day tour of Lima/Machu Picchu, and booked everything myself. I stuck mostly to the beaten path, for safety reasons, but I am so glad I took this shanty town excursion with Haku Tours (via Viator). I found the tour itself to be a great, safe way to see some of the parts of Lima that I was not brave enough to explore alone. The people of Villa El Salvador are kind and warm. The open-air market was a sensory buffet. It's eye-opening to see how the majority of the real district residents of Lima live day-to-day. While Miraflores and Barranco are picturesque and touristy, they don't have quite the obvious native-Peruvian heartbeat that Villa El Salvador has. 10/10, completely recommend.

  • 5Andrea B

    Be courageous, you'll remember this experience forever!

  • 5robyn w

    Great off the beaten path tour. We saw how the locals lived and what their needs were, I am very glad to have been able to see and give back to the Community. Thank you Haku Tours and thank you to Jean Paul and Jorge, the best people and guides/drivers. Thank you for sharing your beautiful country and people.

  • 5Daniel B

    Jonny the tour guide and I stopped at a local market to pick up some breakfast foods, and shared breakfast with a local town leader. I was able to learn firsthand about the conditions of the town, and ways that this leader advocates for her community. This tour was eye-opening, as I was able to see a different part of Lima and interact with locals in a personal and meaningful manner. I would highly recommend this tour.

  • 5Joelle P

    My favorite tour in Lima! Eye-opening

  • 5Bruce R

    An excellent experience giving some insights into shanty town living and the opportunity to meet some very welcoming residents. My English-speaking guide, himself a resident, was informative, interesting, and proud of the community projects, in which he was involved and which my tour would be helping to fund.

  • 5Regina L

    The tour was more than expected. It was nice to be able to meet people that live and work there. It was informative as well. Genie

  • 5Harvey L

    The tour was fantastic. We were picked up right on time from our hotel. We had two guides, Eduar Chuque and Jose Rodolfo, both of whom grew up in Shanty Town which made the whole visit even more interesting and informative. I would recommend this tour to anyone who likes to get off the beaten track and learn something about the people of Lima.

  • 5Aya M

    This tour was the most meaningful and eye-opening tour one can possibly do in Lima. Eduar, my eccentric tour guide, was incredibly knowledgeable about Lima and it's past/present cultural movement. His passion and charm will put you at ease from the minute you meet him. He showed me the real Lima, how many of them live and the memories and lessons I gained from this experience will never be forgotten as long as I live. This tour will open your eyes and soul.

  • 5Michael M

    It is not your typical tour. The area we traveled through was very poor but perfectly safe. I would have felt fine traveling there by myself but Giovanni, our guide, made the trip even more fun and informative.

  • 5Derick S

    I really enjoyed this tour. The tour guide was friendly, knowledgeable, took interest in the guests, offered personal insights into Peruvian life and culture in an unbiased manner. This tour takes you to the Villa El Salvador shanty town, where tourists don't normally go and you will hear stories most tourists don't normally hear. This tour is 100 safe.

  • 5ruthwarden71

    This was my best day in Peru. From the moment I stepped into the car, my guide Jean Paul Grillo started to tell me many things about Peru and Lima. Out of all my excursions I booked during my stay, Jean Paul was the most informative, friendly and knowledgeable. We explored the local market different to the cooking excursion market and sampled some snacks and fruits. I loved the shanty town experience and felt perfectly safe at all times. I enjoyed the warmth and friendliness of the locals and it was amazing to see their way of life. Felix's craft work in silver was fascinating to see. The kids were so friendly and eager to bring you their books to read. We had a cheeky shot of liquor with Maria the shop keeper. It was great to see the projects that Haku tours are developing, such as the nursery, medical centre and soup kitchen, to help assist the shanty towns and great to see a tourism country investing the money back into the community. I would recommend anyone to go on this tour and see the real life. There are some steps, but the guide will take it slow and go at your pace.

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