Month: June 2017

📽 Things to do Melbourne

📽 Things to do Melbourne Cruncho helps you find the best things to do in the cultural capital of Australia. Welcome to Melbourne!

📽 Things to do London

📽 Things to do London London is a wonderful city but it feels even more magical during Christmas time. See by yourself by watching our video!

📽 Things to do Paris

📽 Things to do Paris Enjoy Paris’ monuments, food, parties… and plan your next french trip at!

📽 Things to do Bangkok

📽 Things to do Bangkok From Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, you can plan a weekend to the beach or decide to head to the mountains! Discover what to see, do and eat at

📽 Things to do Rio de Janeiro

📽 Things to do Rio de Janeiro Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, one of the most attractive city in the entire world! Learn why here

📽 Things to do Tokyo

📽 Things to do Tokyo We landed in Tokyo, Japan! Check our site to discover what to see, do and experience there. Just click here:

📽 Things to do Biarritz

📽 Things to do Biarritz You want to know what to do or where to go after your surf sessions?! We tell you here! Please visit our website our website , our goal isContinue reading

📽 Things to do Havana

📽 Things to do Havana We landed in Havana, Cuba! Welcome to the capital of music, poetry, dancing, singing and… chatting. Find out all you can do and see in Havana at! VIVA CUBA!

📽 Things to do Auckland

📽 Things to do Auckland We landed in Auckland, New Zealand! On the road with your backpack, you can see more sheeps than humans. Here, no part of the country is more than 160 km fromContinue reading