• About the blog
The goal of this blog is to offer an inspiring content as well as new ideas to discover cities with a new angle.
On the blog, you will find Cruncho videos and articles about:
– places to see,
– activities to do,
– restaurants,
– places to stay,
– events,
– and more…
in the most attractive cities in the world.
Stay tuned as we continuously update the Cruncho blog, and let us know if you would like to participate, you are more than welcome!
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  • What is Cruncho?! 

Cruncho is a unique crowdsourced travel content aggregator which collects and sorts information from 15 of the most used search and review platforms in the world (Google, Yelp, Foursquare, Youtube, Facebook, Meetup, Wikitravel…) to paint a honest, inspiring and comprehensive picture of a city.

Cruncho’s main purpose is actually to put some order in the mess. We want you to have the most relevant and unbiased information come to you, in a clear and well-structured way, without needing to search the web for it and open tens of tabs in your browser.

With +18.000 recommendations (places or activities) per city on average ranked by popularity, you are sure to always find what you need.

Cruncho collects everything you love to do, see and experience in a city. It crunches it. And it gives it back to you in a clear, honest and inspiring way! Yours!



  • How to use Cruncho?

This visual guide tells you everything in a glimpse!



  • Where can you find Cruncho? 

Cruncho can be find online at cruncho.com

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