The most surprising brunch places in Paris

The most surprising brunch places in Paris


Paris has so many cafés to discover. We have selected a few unique places where you can enjoy a delicious brunch.,breakfast-brunch



This little house is surprising. Siiny Ooko, a famous designer in Paris, redecorated the place and each of the rooms. One can eat wherever one wants which is usually atypical in the city. In this place you really feel at home. Here, there are brunches for everyone, including fish or meat. The bathroom is the little plus, where you can savour your brunch in a bathtub with a view on Paris’ waterway!


Prices: 24€ the brunch (12€ for children)

Address: 39 Quai de Loire, 75019, Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 73 71 82 90

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Everyone knows this newspaper boy coming out of an eighties video game. Today, thanks to him you can eat a fresh brunch in Paris. Everything is homemade! On weekends, this friendly restaurant offers an interesting brunch menu. The Scandinavian decoration is simple and looks nice. Come here to buy some local products from the US.


Prices: 23€ for the brunch and between 10 and 15€ for a sandwich.

Address: 139 rue Amelor, République, 75011, Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 43 38 12 13

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This tea house situated next to the Champ de Mars and close to the Eiffel Tower mixes its brunch with a real French touch. The place is very elegant and the English cozy decoration gives an authentic feeling to this place.


Prices: Between 15 and 20€

Address: 47 Avenue de Suffren, 75007, Paris

Phone: +33 1 42 73 92 97



L’Arbre à Cannelle is an atmospheric cafe, busy all day and offering a brunch menu on weekends. Here you can taste the house’s specialties: salads, and sweet and savoury tarts. Generous portions, freshly cooked food and good prices will give you the opportunity to spend a good moment. The service is friendly and the menu is in French and English. + There are vegetarian options!


Price: 20€

Address: 14 rue Linné, 75005, Paris

Phone: +33 1 43 31 68 31

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On Instagram you can read “Best brunch of Paris” or “Best brunch in the entire world”. The photos featured there are stylish and that is thanks to the great decoration of the place. Here, everything is homemade. People who started this restaurant used to live in Melbourne. Everything is written in English and therefore perfect for international visitors who don’t know Molière’s language. This explains the number of people during the weekend!


Prices: Between 15 and 20€

Address: 19 rue Lucien Sampaix, Canal St Martin/Gare de l’Est, 75010 Paris

Phone: +33 9 73 60 13 64

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