All a destination has to offer.
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Adding real value to your website has never been easier!

Cruncho comes into 4 complementary products, all offering AI-powered, personalised recommendations and a world-class user interface.

Adding real value to your website is quick and easy. By offering the most useful, relevant and inspiring content, your users will engage with your brand again and again. Our playful and pixel-perfect user interface gives your users the tools they need to take the right decisions for their next adventure.
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From raw data to personalised content

Let Cruncho do the work for you (and your users)!

Cruncho’s platform collects raw data 24/7 from 15 of the most used search- and review platforms in the world. These include Google, Yelp, Foursquare, YouTube, The Fork, Songkick, Wikitravel, and more. Not only is this data sorted and matched but also ranked by Cruncho’s algorithms to create useful, relevant and inspiring recommendations.


Unique Trip Planning Module
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Ratings & Reviews
8 different languages
Booking Possibilities
Mobile Friendly
Save & Share your trip


24/7 Updates
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Ratings & Reviews
Booking Possibilities
8 Different Languages
Worldwide Coverage
Mobile Designed First

Unique places and things to do

Each recommendation represents a place to visit, an activity to do or a live event to attend. They are presented with pictures, videos, contact details, opening hours, description, map as well as ratings and reviews from locals and travelers.

Unbiased ratings & reviews

The ratings and reviews are crowdsourced by locals and travelers from various global platforms. The recommendation are ranked by popularity to give your users a clear picture of what is currently trending in the city.

Booking possibilities

The platform is designed to let your visitors book all travel products in one place and at the best price available. These products range from flights, hotels, tours, activities and events, to restaurant tables and car rentals. As a result, your users enjoy the extra service and you receive additional revenues.


Engage with your

Start engaging with personalised content and offer unforgettable experiences! 

Whether you represent an airline, airport, hotel, DMO or a news company, you just need to do two things. Simply tell us what destinations you would like to include in your guide and what booking partners you would like to work with, if any. We will take care of the rest for you!

What our partners say

"Cruncho takes care of curating local attractions and events as well as keeping them up to date. As a result, we can focus our resources on editorial content. Local businesses are inspired to take responsibility of their digital promotion and our city as a whole achieves an improved online presence and attractiveness."
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Niklas Wahlqvist

Destination Uppsala

"Cruncho gave us an opportunity to offer a more personalized approach on our website while addressing all stages of the travel journey. From discovery to planning, booking, and eventually sharing. Furthermore, the Cruncho reports give us valuable insights about our users’ behaviour and what they find most interesting in our city. Thus allowing us to better calibrate our online marketing efforts."
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Anna Ekström

Visit Stockholm

"We've considered launching a trip planning tool for quite some time. We wanted it to include a map using Google's API and the ability to collect data about hotels, restaurants and attractions. It wasn't at all difficult to start working with Cruncho as they provided everything we dreamt of and more. All in a single product."
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Roman Zywicki

Visit Belarus

Cruncho consists a great SaaS, we have come across and so glad to work with! Cruncho is one stop source for anything a traveller, blogger, visitor might wish, before - after or while visiting a place, whereas built in a customer centric way. Options are countless with Cruncho. The ideal solution to enhance a travel / destination portal / commercial site information, content and functions, driving high conversions and repeater guests.
biz client logo rhodes
Andy Efstathiou

Visit Rhodes

What our partners say

What users say

"Great initiative. I love the look and the variety of recommendations. I really like the fact that the places to visit and things to do have been tested by both locals and travelers. Therefore it gives me the feeling that I can really trust what I find there, and with a local twist 😊"
Emmanuelle Floquet
"Useful, easy to navigate and beautiful! I am impressed by the possibility to navigate from one city to another in just a click. Each time I enter a completely different world, as if I was there. Now I always know where to travel next."
Jonathan Gabrielsson
"Crunching and combining the best out of other review apps is a great idea! This is what makes this service truly unique compared to another Foursquare or alike. I love that we can book what we see through a simple click. We're now able to plan an entire trip. From flights, to hotel room, tours, activities, museums, car rentals and even restaurants!"
Bilge Apak
"Great service! My family is visiting this weekend and I will definitely use Cruncho again to find things to do together."
Romaric Casabielhe
"Thank you. I found many great tips on Cruncho that I would never have found otherwise!"
Delfine Dagfelddt

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